​​​Expandable House Kits you or we can design, assemble and "grow" to any desired size or shape.

​Ideal for permanent or temporary backyard studios, ADUs, Airbnbs, vacation cabins, offices, guesthouses or additions of any size, on or off the grid, from small stand alone single units to complete homes. Our patented system has interchangeable panels that can be configured to create your perfect retreat. The innovative "squares" can be assembled on your site by two people with no skills required in as little as one weekend, and because the components are lightweight and compact they can be installed by hand into hard-to-reach places like back yards without heavy equipment. Built solidly with R-38 insulation and dual paned windows and doors, we offer low cost, high quality, flexibility, portability and easy assembly or disassembly.


Completely Finished​ inside and out with dozens of options available including doors, windows, siding, fixtures, and appliances. 

Affordable.​ Studios as low as $8,500, complete livable 453sf home for 2 as low as $37,500 or 598sf home for 4 as low as $45,475. 

High Quality control on all materials and workmanship, done on CNC jigs using robotics in a controlled factory setting.

Convertible. Unlimited design, re-design, expansion & remodel possibilities using additional interchangeable parts to "grow".

Portable.​ "Squares" can easily be disassembled for relocation by hand or flat packed to 1/5th of their assembled size and loaded

   onto a pickup. All of the components are sized to fit through doorways or side yards and be carried by two able bodied adults.

Do it Yourself.​ No experience required for complete design & assembly (with instruction) by you and a helper, Square One or both.

Rapid assembly time of 8-10 square feet per man hour using a socket wrench, cordless screwdriver and 2 step/extension ladders.

​"Green" zero waste.  Energy efficient,​  super insulated with recyclable parts made from readily available sustainable resources.

Commercial​ retail or office spaces with all walls/partitions easily re-configured to meet tenants changing spacial requirements.

​Poured or Pier foundation​ which is easily adaptable and minimally disruptive to difficult or sensitive sites.