Backyard Studio-Office installed at the site (see plan105 w/porch) 

Plan#105 w/covered porch

assembled by three average sized adults using a 3/4" socket wrench, cordless electric screwdriver and two step/extension ladders in about 6-8 hours.

​How the System works:

Briefly, this is an affordable, completely finished, high quality pre-manufactured interchangeable post, beam and panel component building system, using standardized floor, wall and roof panels. The patented posts and beams are joined together with ​our patented connectors. The system is based on 12'x12' or 16'x16' "squares" or portions thereof. With no building experience required, all components can be assembled or disassembled into structures of any size, starting with small, livable, finished structures of 100sf to 500sf which then may be enlarged, or initially constructed using additional interchangeable components, to any desired size or design as necessary for single or multi-family residential or commercial use. Once delivered to the site, with minimal assembly, the resulting structures are complete, inside and out. The panel components include all necessary framing, windows, doors, siding, plumbing, wiring, insulation and wallboard. Once assembled the structure is completed with cabinet modules, fixtures, appliances, flooring, paint and trim. Later, structures can easily be expanded, contracted, or relocated either permanently or temporarily. Components in excess can be reused, sold, traded in or given/donated to others.